Nail Art

This page is for the nailcurious and those who might as well be part of a nail-lover cult (yes, there are people who tag #nailporn). I truly love doing my nails; I enjoy the creative process, experimenting with new techniques, and the pretty finished product that I take with me wherever I go. A couple of weeks ago, I found this quote by Grit and Glamour, explaining her newfound lacquer love, which I couldn't have put better myself:
"Seeing those glorious bottles of color every time I open my medicine cabinet just makes me feel good. And I get the same joy when I look down at my fingers and toes and they gleam back in lacquered perfection. Polish is the ultimate girlie-girl marker, and on the surface it may seem insignificant. But isn’t it the most telling sign of self-love, of time made for one’s own sanity?" 

All of these pictures are of my nails and painted by me. If you are going to copy and repost any of these, I politely insist that you credit SugarSpiceStyle. Enjoy!


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