Do Good Collaborations

SugarSpiceStyle typically wanders through the world of frivolity: outrageous vacations, shoes that are thousands of dollars, and way too much time spent on nail art. The current global culture is one of consumerism, and the id of human nature is self indulgence. With this being the zeitgeist of our age and people's natural orientation, how do we look beyond ourselves and what we want in order to deal with the real problems--the problems that we don't want to face and that many of us don't have to experience? What will make people care? 

I've been fortunate to work with two companies who are aware that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and their mission is to promote a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and contributes to making the world a better place. These problems I reference--in your community and halfway around the world--are opportunities. They are a chance to see what we can do. Even more than being a chance to see what we can do, they are a chance to see what people and institutions will do. Explore Lifestyle & Charity and Positive Luxury to see how you can enjoy your life while also having a positive impact.    


Lifestyle and Charity is based in New York City and promotes a philanthropic lifestyle through events and the L+C Magazine.

Positive Luxury is based in London and serves as a lifestyle platform to promote socially and environmentally responsible brands. It's for consumers who are interested in "being good, doing good, and looking fabulous."

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