Monday, May 11, 2015

The Best Etc's

Anna Wintour pencil case by Mua Mua, $100
No caption needed.

reminder tags by Post-it, $2
Post-its are great for certain areas. Other times, Post-its can just not be put where they need to be in order to be helpful. Take one of these, pop it on your purse strap to make sure you don't leave home without x, and you're guaranteed to see it!

Wineflower Charms in Brights by bloomin, $8

The above wine tags are made from seed paper, which means they can have multiple lives: after serving to identify whose beverage is whose, they can be planted and enjoyed as flowers! These also get extra points for being eco-friendly.

Trolley Black Edition carry-on suitcase, by BALR. $864

No humdrum here: sophisticated, modern, and unique, this is a a beautiful pieced-leather suitcase. It is also available as a travel set that includes this pictured carry-on suitcase, larger suitcase, and briefcase. There is also a duffel (more posh than the briefcase) and a backpack. I would not recommend this for in-flight travel--the pieces would likely get destroyed after a couple of uses (scratches, marks, etc); this would be better suited for travel via other modes of transportation. If you take one thing away from this post: coordinate your luggage!  I did not write "match;" I wrote "coordinate." You can have fun with it, but if you spend money to buy luggage, there's no reason to look like a bag person. (Do not take that as an aspersion toward people who are homeless!)

purple backgammon set by Jonathan Adler, $465
Amara has a great selection of games. They have classic, parlor-room games from the likes of designers such Etro, Ralph Lauren, and Christian Lacroix to even more sophisticated activities, such as Create Your Own Monster.

Sounds Gold to Me! portable speakers, $49
I have no idea what the sound quality is for these speakers, but I think looking so good would help compensate for even a mediocre performance.

grass printed picnic blanket by Kate Spade, $45

Let's picnic in style! Even if picnic-ing isn't your thing, this seems to be an easy must-have for casual family get-togethers outside, spending some time at the park, watching fireworks, etc. I'm particularly fond of the little travel case--very smart.

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