Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Fun: Party Bags

Summer is the fun season: hot days, more skin, later nights. Summer has its own undulating energy: intense days cooled by the descent of night and caressed by the evening breeze. It's the perfect balance of endurance contrasted by a soothing and relaxing reprieve. There's no season I'd rather dress for other than summer--it's the summer mood I like; it's the freedom of no coat, baring cuts, and strappy sandals. Rafia textures, bright beaded embellishments, gleaming finishes, and exotic patterns accentuated by novelty decorations of tassels or pom poms make these my picks for accessorizing to put the fun feel of summer at your fingertips--day or night.

Summer Fun: Bags

Also, take note of the Christophe Sauvat Collection clutch in the collection, available in a red-white-and-blue color combo shown below--perfect for the summer holidays!

beads and pom pom embellished clutch by Christophe Sauvat Collection, $315

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