Monday, August 4, 2014

Juicy is Back!

Today is the first day of the new Juicy Couture website. Juicy Couture is not dead, as Refinery29 might have suggested in this June 24th article, but there are some changes. Several months ago, I stumbled onto this article in the Huffington Post, describing the transition of Juicy Couture: Pink Label vs. Black Label, changes in the stores, and changes in the brand's focus (note Juicy Couture's partnership with shoe guru Steve Madden for their footwear line, yet to be released). Although some media sources claim that Juicy is "not cool" anymore and scoff at Juicy for its unsophisticated, unrefined image and styles, I happen to like Juicy Couture and it's image.

Juicy Couture, as I've known it, was never about sophistication; it's about having fun, enjoying "girly stuff," and being a bit in love with yourself. Charm bracelets are not sophisticated; charm bracelets are fun! "More is more" is not a mature message, and "For nice girls who like stuff" is not a message that necessarily aligns with my chronological age--which is perfectly fine by me! I love the playful, witty, and girly aura of the brand. Aside from which, Juicy also has its ethical perks: they do not use fur, do not engage in animal testing, and make yearly donations to nonprofit organizations, such as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). There are plenty of brands that ooze sophistication and offer doses of austerity, but there's only one Juicy Couture.

Cozy Terry Pullover, $68

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