Monday, August 26, 2013


This is the first installment of several posts covering the most seductive lingerie with original style. This first post highlights some of my favorite current pieces from famous lingerie labels and well-known sites. (For a personal note on the title, "Oxytocin," scroll to the bottom.)
Oxytocin: sexiest lingerie from famous labels


Jessica Choay silk kimono
$560 -

Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit
$703 -

La Perla bodysuit
on SALE! $465 -

CHROMAT black corset
$235 -

Chantal Thomass lace bra
$225 -

Chantal Thomass lace waspie
$225 -

Chantal Thomass lace panty
$135 -

My research partner and I were merely peers several months ago when we were discussing research articles in a cafe. We had only seen each other a couple of other times, all for the purpose of conducting research. He was uber professional and quiet, yet assertive. Upon my mention of oxytocin in the context of a study I was introducing to our discussion, he exclaimed, rather loudly in the quiet coffee shop, "The sex hormone!" I was quite surprised and couldn't help but laugh; this was the last thing I would have expected him to blurt out. I was further amused that he chose to label oxytocin as "the sex hormone" when oxytocin is related to bonding and attachment, with levels increasing after childbirth as well as after orgasm. I thought his comment was somewhat revealing. Of course, after three more weeks of coffee-shop rendezvous to debate research, we started dating.

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