Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Resort 2014 Accessory Pick

Women's Wear Daily has compiled 1001 of next year's hottest resort accessories from well known and much loved designers to some newbies on the block. Here are some standouts from WWD's compilation, but I urge you--check out the slideshow! Charlotte Olympia channels the juke box era, black and white is all the rage, and Edmundo Castillo offers a pair of heels with seemingly Mondrian inspiration.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Fashion

I recently stumbled upon a fashion lover's dream. As excited as I am to share my discovery, I am equally shamed in admitting I did not already know of Italia's Vogue Encyclo, an online encyclopedia of everything fashion, style, design, culture, and Vogue. From special articles, links to some of the hottest fashion bloggers, photos from eras gone by, and more, Vogue encyclo offers much to explore and visual opulence to digest.

Picture of designer Norman Norell
Vogue Encyclo