Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Makeup Bag Makeover

I recently committed to revamping my makeup bag. My goals have been to 1.) keep only my most used fundamentals in my makeup bag, 2.) transition to only using products by companies that don't test on animals, and, of course 3.) only include products that I am 100% satisfied by. This commitment has resulted in lots of research to better inform myself about cosmetic companys' practices, much research in regards to the best application and proper tools, & much experimentation with samples.

MUFE HD foundation, MUFE HD loose setting powder, NARS blush, and VS lip glosses/sticks
All cruelty free

I've utilized different resources, from articles on Beautylish to makeup blogs (a couple of my faves are The Beauty Department for tutorials and tips & Phyrra for swatches and reviews of almost every cruelty free brand and color). I always get the best customer service from the ladies and gentleman at Sephora; they offer a great fund of knowledge for anything beauty related and have consistently recommended products I've tried and loved. Also, ThisThatBeauty, who is the beauty editor at Bergdorfs Goodman's, is a goddess of beauty products and great with responding to tweets; she's a gem who will surely answer any beauty question you have!

Make Up For Ever (aka MUFE for the die-hards) is traveling across the U.S. with a beautiful makeup intervention, the "Makeup Bag Remix". Stopping in major cities, professional makeup artists will teach you tricks, help you weed out unnecessary items, and recommend new items that fill a niche for your personal makeup needs. This is the perfect way to jump start a makeover for your makeup bag and score a makeover for yourself at the same time. Few things are better than a little extra TLC for yourself to help you refocus and feel renewed. I have very much enjoyed starting my days with my revamped makeup bag, uncluttered but full of goodies I enjoy using. Take your time with building your basic arsenal and be selective; take full advantage of the 5 minutes or 45 minutes you spend on yourself in the morning and indulge in the little things. You'll be surprised what a difference a makeup bag makeover can make! 

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