Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shoe Select

Walking After Midnight: Episode 3
Directed by James Franco for Stuart Weitzman

I've recently neglected my favorite fashion accessory, the fairest of them all, the beloved shoe--nay, high heel. This has merely been a coping strategy on my behalf. It ails me for my relationship with the shoes I love most to be limited to peruising, a distant tease that leaves me more dissatisfied than before I laid my virgin eyes upon the forbidden fruit of my soul (and wardrobe). So, I've been altogether avoiding my favorite sources for shoes. It's sad, I know. I used to be able to get a quick fix by purchasing a decent pair of shoes at Baker's or a mid-tier department store, but I'm disgusted and depressed by the overabundance of faux stacked heels, horrid stitching, and stiff plastic "leather," frequently at around the $100 price range. So I scavenge. I scavenge for the $300 pair of Charles Jourdan's at Last Call for $90, the $225 Via Spiga's on clearance for 65% off, and the grand-daddy finds like a $350 pair of Calvin Klein thigh-high red suede boots for $100 at T.J. Maxx. I attribute this disaster of a shoe market where fake cork heels are plastered on shoes in almost any store outside of Saks and Neiman's to multiple factors, including most of my fellow shoppers who pay $50-$100 for subpar-quality shoes. Michael Antonio is getting away with murder. Imelda Marcos would have him beheaded (befooted?).

I understand my rant may come off as a bit snobby, and I apologize for it (obviously if I'm not trotting around in Loubou's I simply can't be that much of a snob). I do not mean to offend anyone with fake cork heels; I can respect you without respecting your shoes. I'm aware that this cheap-shoe-thing is a personal pet-peeve of mine. I'm plenty sure, however, that there are several ladies who will read this and identify with what I say with exuberant passion. I still remember the first pair of designer shoes I got: a pair of hand-painted Stuart Weitzman wedges gifted to me about 10 years ago. Oh, when I saw that purple box with the gold lettering, I thought it couldn't be!

This post is in tribute to the ladies who cherish the boxes in which their finest shoes are housed, appreciate the baby's-bum-smooth leather sole of fine shoes, and dream of wardrobes with endless shelving for their favorite heels. Even if you can't afford it, you can appreciate it--it excites something deep within that could only be rivaled by the ignorant high of a fantastical first date. All that being said, here are shoes that are sure to wow and dare to disappoint.

image from Neiman Marcus

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