Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Explore and Expand

Here are a few sites that are worthwhile for anyone with a curious mind and an appreciation of the sublime.

"Boho-fantasy" from Pamela Love NYC's Journal
Image originally from weheartit.com

A voluptuous diary of life by the talented jewelry designer, Pamela Love: http://pamelalovenyc.tumblr.com/

"Poetico-Speculative Bubble" by PIIMS, from an article by the Idea Engineering Lab

An article for those who wish to expand their cognitive horizons to include realms of abstract complexity: "Introducing aesthetics to rejuvenate intellectual capital management and enrich knowledge-based development strategies" (Note: this is a pdf.)

from Oliver Glass's FashionChurch.com
A perspective of culture through the creative passion of fashion and photography: http://fashionchurch.com/

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