Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Fine Art Kind of Beauty

Fashion and art are just as friendly as fashion and architecture. One needs to only look at this year's Yayoi Kusama's hyped collaboration with Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent's infamous Mondrian day dress from 1965, representative of the original paintings by Piet Mondrian, a fine artist influenced by the same cubism movement that inspired Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural creations (Falling Water). But it doesn't stop there. With increasing attention to the cosmetic scene in the latter part of the 20th century up to the recent explosion of nail art among the masses and a T.V. program, The Makeup Show, that elucidates cosmetics applications as a craft, beauty and cosmetics are jumping on the crossover bandwagon.

image from Snap Fashion

Mondrian Day Dress by YSL circa 1965

Nars Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands for its range of highly pigmented shades and commitment to not testing on animals. For Spring, Nars collaborated with Thakoon for the Thakoon for Nars Nail Polish collection. This fall, Nars has reached beyond the world of haute fashion for inspiration and gives us the Andy Warhol collection, available exclusively at Sephora. This collection features the Flower's Eyeshadow Palette, available in 3 different colors: Flowers 1 (white/rose/lavender/gold/lavender grey/black), Flowers 2 (white/heather blue/lavender grey/black), and Flowers 3 (white/pink champagne/brown/lavender grey/black). Watch "Get the Look//Underground Pop" video here for the best how-to using the Flowers 3 palette.

image from Sephora
Flowers 1 eyeshadow palette by Nars: Andy Warhol, Sephora $55

In conclusion to my collection of posts looking at the crossover between fashion and architecture, which ended up including all of the raw incestuous activity among arts beyond fashion and architecture, I'd like to introduce you to a project that promotes the arts while contributing to a cause. In LA, Frog Yogurt, a favorite spot of VH1's Basketball Wives, is showcasing the work of different local artists every quarter, with the proceeds being donated to the charity or cause of the artist's choice. Until December, Plasticgod is the featured artist who is supporting The American Cancer Society as his cause. Plasticgod has had exhibitions all over the world, has had his work showcased in the Andy Warhol Museum, has been recognized in media in publications such as Vogue and Entertainment Weekly, and, last but not least, was the top selling artist at Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary "Three Apples" Exhibition.

image from LA Dine-n-Club

Frog Yogurt in LA teams up with artists and charities

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