Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nail Art: Acid Wash, Foil, Spun Sugar

I'm no longer in denial; I admit I have a bit of an addiction to nail art. I've recently been experimenting with new techniques for fancy fingers, and I'm very excited to share the results! For each technique, I include directions or link to a video tutorial so you can have fun playing and flaunt some fabulous nails. I've used neons and brights in these manis, but try more neutral or subdued colors for a look that 's easier to wear and not as bold.   

acid wash: Surface to Mars

This is the acid wash technique. It's super easy and gives a great effect. Pick multiple colors. Start by painting your nails as you normally would, layering one or two coats of color #1, letting it dry, and repeating with color #2, color # 3, etc. For this mani, I used four colors: white, neon yellow, neon orange, and navy. After all the layers are dry, use a tissue or toilet paper soaked in nail polish remover and rub areas on each nail until the layers of polish underneath are revealed. Don't use cotton pads because the fibers will get stuck in the dried polish. When you're pleased with the design you've created, finish your mani with a top coat. 

foil mani: Lemon-Lime Crush

If you've seen pictures of OPI's Spotted, you know it's pretty awesome, it's black, and it's only available in France. What I love about the foil mani is that it gives you an effect similar to Spotted, but you can get the look with any colors and without spending $50+ on ebay. For this technique, apply two coats of your base color (for this mani, yellow), and let it dry thoroughly. Apply a thick coat of your top color (green) on one nail and immediately take a scrunched up piece of foil and press it onto the nail briefly, then remove. The base color should show through in different spots; if you want more of the base color to show, repress the foil onto the nail again. Move onto your next nail, repeating the process: paint a thick coat of your top color and press a fresh part of the scrunched foil onto the nail. Finish with a top coat!

drizzle/spun sugar nails: Candy Shop

This is definitely the most tedious technique of the three and might take some practice to really get the hang of it. This Drizzle Spun Sugar Nail Art tutorial is the best one I've been able to find; start watching at about 2 minutes. I found it much easier to tape off your nails first and line up the tacky polish in a row alongside the nail (on the tape) and then pull strands of tacky polish across the nail with a toothpick, as opposed to lifting the polish from another surface to the nail as in the video. This made a huge difference! Finish with a top coat and get ready for compliments! For another look at this technique, check out this fab Zoya spun sugar mani by Let Them Have Polish.


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