Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kate Spade-inspired Nail Art, aka Nail Poesis

Package from Kate Spade

Earlier in the summer, I received the most perfect little package from Kate Spade, as pictured. Very much enamored of this tissue paper, I decided to incorporate the colors and patterns into my next manicure. I painted my nails free-hand with the exception of using a sponge on my pinky nail for the ombre effect. I used a small nail art brush for the flowers and a striper brush for most of the lines. It's difficult to see in the picture that the flower on my index finger is pink.

My nails, Tropic of Kate

A couple of weeks after finishing this mani, I stumbled upon the below video. It discusses "nail art" as being either a craft or an art as well as the difference between the two. Unbeknownst to many, aesthetics is actually one of the subdivisions of philosophy. Whatever your passion, I urge you to improve your skill, be innovative, and see the world in new ways for novel inspiration. You will enjoy your product and the process of creating it all the more.  

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