Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love Pamela Love

sterling tribal spike ring by Pamela Love, Browns about 495 USD
Pamela Love is bringing a new aesthetic to jewelry. Her inspiration by nature and science, religion, and the American Southwest coupled with her skilled craftsmanship and use of a novel variety of quality materials yields pieces with a special feel that are timeless. Recognized as a standout in her domain, she has been nominated for a CFDA award and has collaborated with designers Marchesa and Zac Posen, the retailer TopShop, and the HBO series True Blood. Not only does Pamela Love create covetable jewelry, she does so with a conscience, attending to sustainability and ethical production methods as well as promoting the ASPCA.

You can truly appreciate the richness of Pamela's designs by reading her Journal. Its contents reflect a mind with a thirst for knowledge, a need for discovery, and an appreciation of the world. Her journal is just as noteworthy as her jewelry, and I'd recommend to it anyone; it's truly like a museum. I must also comment on her writing, which has a rare flow and character. Pamela Love's skills extend far beyond creating jewelry. She is truly an artist in the greatest sense of the word, and metal and jewels are only her outlet.

Projections of the World of 1950 in 1925, Pamela Love's Journal

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