Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heart & Sole

What does a fashion blogger buy? Where does a fashion blogger spend her money?

More accurately, where do I spend my money when I add to my wardrobe? It definitely takes much restraint and coping to shop within my budget when I lust for drowning in couture. Similar to many of my friends, I have pushed the limits of my closets; they have overflowed with clothes, I have to utilize storage throughout the house for my shoes, and any doorknob upstairs has a new primary purpose. Due to lack of space, trying to be a tad more green, and wanting to take my wardrobe to the next level, my new year's resolution was to buy fewer items that are nicer (see the article Waste Couture for a different look at the clothing industry). With that in mind, I approached Spring 2012 looking for wardrobe staples or standout pieces that would stand the test of time.

Below are four of my most special additions during the course of the past few months. For me, accessories are the heart and soul of a wardrobe. They can transform an outfit from drab to fab in less than 3 minutes, can completely change the character of any ensemble, and have great versatility for yielding different looks.

Heart & Sole

Heart & Sole by sugarspicestyle featuring accessories

Fine jewelry is one of the best investments you can make for your wardrobe, and I'm partial to prasiolite (see below). I'm also a big fan of the mixed sterling and gold as well as the open setting, which allows more light to enter into the gemstone and more light to be refracted, increasing its sparkle factor. And who doesn't love more sparkle! (In gemstone language, you're capitalizing on the stone's brilliance).

These Via Spiga coral red patent heels are so versatile--from jeans to a cocktail dress, from day to night, or as an accent accessory or with a matching clutch (and my fashion forecast is expecting matching accessories to return very soon), these babies have you covered! Speaking of covered, the covered heel and platform make these heels vulnerable to bruising, so wear with care and caution! Of course, these shoes are also the "It" color this season (but, tell me, when are red heels not in style?!). 

The durability factor of the KS clutch is also low, but the versatility factor is high. You'd be amazed how versatile neon is, and it offers year-round punch. This is a hard case clutch, made out of resin, and likely to scratch. It's also AWESOME. Why is it awesome? The color, the texture, and the perfect size of this clutch all get rave reviews. This purchase was not the most practical due to being so fragile, but it's clearly a standout accessory; I'll use it for special occasions and still adore it 10 years from now, which makes it a viable purchase. 

Lastly, I've been searching far and wide for a white bracelet without any gold or silver accents for the past several years; Tory Burch and Juicy both had ones this summer! Being a bit biased for Juicy, I pounced on this the first opportunity I had! It's also not as much of a statement piece as the Tory Burch cuff, which makes it more versatile. This bracelet is brass and has a white coating. After several wears, the white coating has not chipped (but I am careful with it). I highly recommend this bracelet, especially since it's on sale now at Juicy Couture for $25! 

Special Note: I feel a responsibility to make sure you are properly educated about green amethyst. Most frequently called green amethyst, it is a semi-precious gemstone in the quartz family (citrine and amethyst are also quartz). Green amethyst is sometimes called green quartz; however, there are other types of green quartz, such as chrysoprase (one of my favorite stones). Another name for green amethyst is prasiolite. It has become much more popular the past several years, being used in designs by Lagos, John Hardy, and David Yurman.

Everything featured here (except for the green amethyst ring) is now on sale. The Via Spiga heels, Brooke, are $155; the Kate Spade clutch, Backstage Suze, is $169 (now only available at Kate Spade); and the Juicy Couture Starter Bracelet is $25 (at Juicy Couture).

Via Spiga leather shoes
$225 - zappos.com
Kate Spade clutch handbag
$338 - nordstrom.com
Juicy Couture brass jewelry
$58 - juicycouture.com
Green Amethyst Ring
$520 - bonton.com

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