Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Return of the Hat

From Balenciaga to Burberry, hats made an appearance on the runways for spring. I can't say that hats are an accessory that I "do." Even on Halloween, I can't seem to keep a hat or headpiece where it belongs. Nevertheless, they are a very fun way to add some unexpected flair to an outfit.

2010 Project Runway, image from People.com

The above head dressings from Project Runway a couple of seasons ago would add more than just flair to an outfit. Though we might not all be up for topping off our outfits with headpieces from the likes of designers such as Philip Treacy (who was the talk of the world during the Royal Wedding for the great number of guests who wore his creations), there are definitely hats out there that are user-friendly and don't suggest that you should be driving a truck. Some of my picks below should be sure to turn heads--without evoking stares.

'Bunny' sunhat by Eugenia Kim, Net-A-Porter $295

It is somewhat difficult to tell from this photo, but the stripes are navy and the solid part is a dark green. Although this hat yields many options, I'd love to see it with a banana-yellow maxi. Take note of Eugenia Kim; she's stealing the hat scene in the $200-$500 price range.

'Beaufort Bibi' hat by Yestadt Millinary, Anthropologie $378

I darted to Moschino's online boutique on a mission to find a chic, fun, and feminine hat; Moschino does chic, fun, and feminine very well. Much to my disappointment, there were no hats to be had. I continued my expedition, discovering this gorgeous accessory, the perfect mix of what I had in mind! This is remniscent of eras gone by, but still somehow manages to look modern and stylish. This hat is truly for the woman who has everything (at least as far as her wardrobe is concerned...).

striped straw fedora at Juicy Couture, $58

Versatile, casual, reasonably-priced, and always fashionable, this black and white fedora is the most practical wardrobe addition of the three I've showcased. This fedora is also available in another color, natural, but I'm a fan of the contrast and statement that the black and white combination offers. Because after all, accessories really should make a statement, and, as Juicy comments, the right hat can bring killer attitude--which I like to think of as a bit of Spice!

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