Monday, January 9, 2012

If You Only Buy One Thing This Season...

lucite cuff by Tory Burch, $45

Although white is a color that has only relatively recently started to be embraced year-round, it absolutely belongs to summer. Warm nights, breakfasts on the patio, outside happy hours, and crisp white accessories. Nothing looks better with a tan (faux, of course) than the contrast of white. Not to mention, white compliments every color or is perfect for a monochromatic look.

This cuff delivers designer love with a dimensional Tory Burch logo and is extremely versatile, one of my main fashion cores, both as far as other wardrobe pieces with which it would work and considering its potential for casual wear or more dressy attire. Although this cuff is perfect for many outfits, it just screams to be worn with the right maxi dress or mini pencil dress. Some other factors to consider: this cuff is a timeless design, and it is made of resin, so it should wear well. For all of these reasons, this piece is well worth its weight in gold, and definitely worth its $45 pricetag.

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