Friday, December 30, 2011

Festive Fingertips

With my birthday, Christmas, and New Years within two weeks of each other, I have feverishly been working on my fingers! For a while, I've wanted to grab about 15 polishes and go wild with different patterns on each nail, while still maintaining some continuity. I finally did it! Here is the result:

My Holiday Nails, done by me (left hand)

I used a regular brush for all of the stripes, except for the very thinnest green and red, for which I used a striping polish. Since I don't have a dotting tool, I used a small bobby pin for the dots in the above picture (my left hand) and a flattened end of a toothpick for the dots in the below picture (my right hand). Do not be mistaken; this took considerable time!

My Holiday Nails, done by me (right hand)

I started by randomly painting each nail either neon mint (Color Club's Twiggy), bright matte red (bottle pictured: Essie's Lacquered Up), a cream white (OPI's Peace Baby), or a light foil silver (NK Nail Enamel's Satin Silver). I'm particularly fond of this shade of red by Essie, Lacquered Up; it is perfect for any time of the year. Another polish to note is OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, a heavy gunmetal foil color-- a must-have staple for any polish wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy your holiday and are excited for the new year! Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Birthday Nail Bling

Last week, I celebrated my 27th birthday! Of course, aside from party and outfit planning, creating some crazy birthday nails was also a top priority. After much experimentation, I decided on the simple design below; it was very easy to execute, worked perfectly with my dress, and packed a ton of party glitz!

My V-Bling Nails, done by me

Below is the sexy little birthday dress I squeezed into, because, as you know, it's all about the dress. So, the dress came first, followed by the nail design. The two really went together quite perfectly!

Ruched taffeta leopard pencil dress at Bebe, $179

Back to the nails! I used polish, a polish striper (polish with a long, thin brush), tape, and LASplash Cosmetics Nail Art Glitter to create this look. For some very impressive nail designs that use tape, take a look at the Nailside.

LASplash Nail Art Glitters

I used only one color of glitter, Trickery, which is the pot of loose glitter in the middle of the upper row in the picture (above). The below picture is a close-up picture of Trickery; it looks more neon in the photo than it actually is.

Image from

After shaping my nails and applying a base coat, use two 1/2 inch pieces of tape to create a V on each nail (each piece of tape covers the part of the nail that is painted black). You do not want the pieces of tape to touch each other at the vertex; you want just a teeny bit of space between them so there's a space for glitter. (You'll notice in the pictures of my nails that the black sections never actually touch).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Guide to Good Gifting

With the holiday season here, a gifting post seems appropriate. The first part of this post is dedicated to fundamental guidelines for gifting. The second part lists some of the best online boutiques and resources for finding the perfect gift for, dare I say it?, anyone on your list.


Buying gifts for people is easy; selecting gifts that aren't cookie cutter items, are in your price range, and the person likes, can be a time-consuming challenge. At the same time, shopping for the people who bring something to your life can be very fun and should be enjoyable. The whole idea of gifts is, obviously, about giving. In its most virtuous form, the act of giving a material gift is symbolic--thus the expression, "It's the thought that counts." What the gift symbolizes will vary, but ultimately it surrounds the relationship between yourself and the person to whom you are giving. That being said, in some ways, a gift is only as valuable as the thought (and relationship) behind it. However, the thought behind the gift does not ensure a "successful" gift, since, in the end, you're left with a material good. More or less, the best gifting encompasses both the thought and intent behind the gift, as well the material good itself.

Below are some guidelines for gifting, along with a couple of ideas that aren't overly cookie-cutter to get your imaginative juices flowing.

1. Buy for the person to whom your gifting!
This is obvious, but it frequently goes awry. Think about the interests the person has and his/her likes. The best gifts are not the ones that are expensive, but the ones that the person would want for him or herself (duh). 1.) The person will feel special because you thought of the person, and the gift reflects your knowing each other and the relationship. 2.) The person will be excited about receiving it. 3.) It saves that awkward feeling of "ohhh, something I really don't want and now have to keep." I'd much rather have a coin purse I love for $10 than a $200 bag I think is ugly or something I'm never going to use. My advice: consider the person's taste, what they have in his/her home, the person's activities/interests, and the person's lifestyle. These suggestions should provide you with some direction and ideas. Obviously, if a person loves and collects candles, go with a unique candle. Otherwise, candles (and picture frames) fall into the category of cookie-cutter items and should be avoided.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Giving Bergdorf Goodman Style

Although I have not blogged much about it, I have a great passion for animals, as well as for fashion. So, you can imagine how excited I was to discover that Bergdorf Goodman supports the Humane Society of New York! As if that weren't enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this video, "Unleashed," just took it one step further. I hope that, aside from tempting you with some Bergdorf fantasies, "Unleashed" brings a smile to your face and inspires you to not only love our four-legged friends, but most importantly to give back in some way--whether by rescuing an animal in a shelter, taking a stray you find to a shelter or your vet, or gifting supplies or donating money to an organization that helps animals. A very sincere thank you to Bergdorf Goodman and all whom help to improve the lives of all innocent and dependent animals.