Sunday, November 6, 2011

Case in Point, Clutch in Hand

As I mentioned in a previous post, my handbag wardrobe consists mainly of totes and clutches--totes by day, clutches by night. Unfortunately, the clutch I'm dying to own sold out before I discovered the little treasure. So, I'm continuing my hunt, probably to no avail. Once I see a particular something I fall in love with, nothing else ever seems to measure up to my original find and strike my fancy in quite the same way. However, there are still tons of fab clutches out there, and here's my pick of some of the best and most original!

Kristopher Kane neon pink and blue aqua gel-filled PVC clutch, Net-A-Porter $720

In case you hadn't noticed, I love patterns, colors, and almost anything outrageous, so it makes sense I'm attracted to this piece of work! This clutch is a never-ending display of designs! I have to admit, I know few people who are capable of having interesting enough conversation to rival the fun I'd have playing with this art; this clutch promises entertainment wherever you go. This disguised toy reminds me of something I would have had in my little, plastic, keep-Ashley-entertained suitcase when I was 5 years old. Of course, this is way more chic than my plastic yellow suitcase or anything in it. Although the pink and blue is my favorite color combo, this clutch is also available in green, red/orange, deep purple, and brown/blue.

DVF Tonda geo-pattern clutch, Matches $477

What a great clutch. Don't just wear this with black, white, and cream. Pair it with marigold, cobalt blue, dark olive green, emerald green, gray, or brown. Of course, with some of these color combos, you'd have to be sure to get it just right, or you'll look like a hot mess. I've been increasingly aware of the use of skins and have committed to not wearing fur anymore. Unfortunately, pony hair falls into this category. And I'd hate to think of the poor little innocent pony that was killed, slaughtered, and cut up for my bag. So, I love the pattern, love the colors, love the design, and love the texture, but maybe Diane could opt for a faux material next time?

TopShop tan embroidered leather clutch, $50 

So if I'm not okay with fur, how is leather any different? I guess it's not, but this whole no-fur thing is new to me, so I'm adjusting; Rome wasn't built in a day. The detailing on this bag, the embroidery and whipstich leather edging, is typically seen on much more expensive items. There is great continuity with the design of this bag, and the bright colors are an unexpected twist for this style, which makes it more interesting and modern. Even the snap is a small detail that adds a lot to the effect of the bag, adding some contrasting shine and offering a center. Another plus: I could see this bag as having potential for every season.

Anya Hindmarch metallic woven leather clutch with tassel, Net-A-Porter $550

I believe this clutch has been out for a while, but I don't think I've covered it previously. This clutch is so versatile, it would take too long to count the ways. Metallics are great because they go with so many colors. With the style of this bag, you could wear it with jeans and a white t or a sexy little cocktail dress. This bag is probably going to wear better than a clutch covered in solid leather because the weave will not show scratches as easily. I could easily see this as a smart investment piece. And, with all that discussion, I didn't even get into how amazing this bag looks! Or mention the tassel! #tassel love!

Rothko Fring Clutch, TENOVERSIX $260

The description of this clutch does not include dimensions or material, one of my pet-peeves with shopping online. However, this does not detract from the high-impact fringe that makes this clutch scream party-fun! The minimal design of the clutch part of the bag works perfectly with the ostentatious fringe, making this bag more versatile than you might expect. At this time, this clutch is only available in honey (tan); it's the black that really accents its style and puts this bag on the list.

Mabel metal hard case clutch, Reiss $170

I confess, I am reliably attracted to anything that's shiny. This seems to be large enough for a phone, lip gloss, and credit card--and, really, what else does one need? Seemingly made of metal, as opposed to a having a metallic coating, this clutch might be susceptible to scratches and dings, but should obviously resist stains and wipe clean very easily--a major plus if toting it along to the bar. Also, since it's metal, it will go with almost any color scheme, but the black bead will limit its use with pastels. The ribbed texture makes this clutch easier to dress down and go with a chic pair of jeans, while, at the same time, the clutch lends itself for use as an occasion evening bag. This is an item that gets an A for versatility and high marks for originality and its glam-factor.

Jil Sander two-tone leather clutch, Net-A-Porter $750

Statement bag=love. What a fabulous contrast of a bright, brown-toned red with an electric cerulean! Jil Sander takes color-blocking to a whole new level. And, of course, the white loop handle serves as the perfect white accent, front and center. This clutch screams to be noticed, which means your outfit must be designed around this clutch. This is not a grab-your-bag-and-go type of clutch, but it is definitely a spotlight piece that's sure to win your heart this season and for years to come.

There are 7 of my top clutches at the moment (under $1000), although of course there was a much larger list with which I started! As someone on a budget which greatly restricts purchases, I try to buy one nice clutch a season that is a quality piece, fun and original, somewhat durable, versatile, and fresh but classic. A good addition to your wardrobe will be wearable beyond one season and have an element of eternal style. I hope I've added some clutch lust to your day!

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