Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Itty bitty but oh-so-cute!

Since I have a fatal attraction to cuteness, I'm automatically a fan of Harajuku Lovers. Tweezerman and Harajuku Lovers have teamed up and created a decked out matchbox with 12 mini files as well as some adorable tweezers, all available exclusively at Sephora. The Itty Bitty Files have one side of the file that is more coarse than the other for shaping, and the other side is finer for smoothing.

Harajuku Lovers Matchbox Itty Bitty Files by Tweezerman at Sephora, $4
The tweezers are available in two sizes, 3.75 inches and 2.75 inches. The larger size has a variety of patterns to choose from, each in a differnt color; there's one design for each girl in the Harajuku Lover's crew!  All of these items are limited edition, so pick up some unresistable cuteness and let Love, Angel, Music, Baby, and Queen bring some lovin' to your beauty needs!

Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezer by Tweezerman, shown in Baby $25

Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Mini Slant Tweezer in Gwen (Queen), $15
Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Mini Slant Tweezer in Gwen (Queen), $15
P.S. I've also heard a rumor of a Harajuku Lover's compact mirror, however it does not seem to be available online at this time :(

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