Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If only loving men were as easy as loving shoes...

Last week I had a MAJ shopping spree (as Rachel Zoe would say! Speaking of which, did you catch her show last night on Bravo?!) and scored these Charles Jourdan heels! You're either going to love them or hate them. It wasn't a love-at-first-sight for me; it was an "ooo-what-do-we-have-here?!" I always love those moments, because it means I've actually foung something different enough and original that it stretches my design repertoire, challenges my evaluative skills, and contributes to my style identity depending on whether I love them or hate them. It was not very long before I decided that I love them! (If only it were so easy with men...) So, they were the highlight of my spree. I came home, jumped on Twitter, did a Charles Jourdan search, and a tweet from 3 hours before popped up, posting a link to here asking what people thought of my new shoes! Well, as you can see, they get a 2-shoe rating out of a possible 5-shoes. I love them so much I don't care what anyone thinks! People tend to like ordinary. Blahzay. Yes, I am a tad bitter, but all I need to do is look at my new shoes! And, what's even better? They're on MyHabit today for $129 instead of $295!
My new Charles Jourdans, available today on MyHabit for $129

Alas, there is some more exciting news re Charles Jourdan! Adrienne Maloof from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (of which I'm a fan and am definitely watching this season) has teamed up with Charles Jourdan and designed a line of shoes, available for pre-order on! Below is my personal favorite from the line, the Val High Heel in Rose. Every once and a while you'll see me rave about the sillhouette of a shoe; this is one of those shoes! So make sure you check out that fab side view!

Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan at, Val High Heel in Rose $225

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