Saturday, August 27, 2011

turn it up a notch

turn it up a notch

Alexander McQueen knit cardigan
£875 -

All Saints skinny jeans
$120 -

Heel pumps
€199 -

Irene Neuwirth 18k ring
$1,495 -

GALA Curios gold bangle
£199 -

Kate spade earrings
$195 -

This set takes a casual apparel ensemble and transforms it into a statement with bold accessories, taking advantage of unique color combinations (pink & red in the Alexander McQueen clutch) and the intense and rich colors of the gemstone earrings and ring. Geometric lines and patterns as well as gold throughout the look create coherence and the cut of the garments should yield an attractive silhouette.

As a side note, I absolutely love chrysoprase; this ring is designed by Irene Neuwirth, one of my favorite fine jewelry designers. Her pieces are truly exquisite!

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