Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My lip gloss be poppin

Original Bombshell at Glam Girl Boutique, lip gloss in Strawberry Lip Candy $48
A couple of years ago my friend and I were out and showing off our lip glosses (don't worry, we were only showing them off to each other), each claiming she had the best. It was a toss-up: hers had a light and mirror; mine smelled fab, tasted delish, and had a split compartment for "sugar," the best metallic/shimmer powder to top off the gloss. It was clear we were both fabulous--err, our glosses were both fabulous, but I wanted to win! Yes, I know; I'm talking about lip gloss.

No more lip gloss wars if you're poppin this out of your purse; if you're rockin this gloss, there's just no contest as to who has the best--Swarovski crystals and yumminess always wins! This Bombshell gloss has a delish strawberry scent and flavor and leaves your lips glazed with a sheen and natural pretty pink color. But before you decide on Strawberry Lip Candy, you might want to consider GrapeOrange-vanilla, or Bubble Gum, each with its own Swarovski decoration.

Even though this post is supposed to be about lip gloss, I can't resist paying these "All Dolled Up" brushes some extra special attention! I need say nothing more; they speak for themselves!

Original Bombshell at Glam Girl Boutique, "All Dolled Up" brush $250

While you're at Glam Girl Boutique, check out the rest of their bath and body products, including more products from Original Bombshell and some from Jaqua...and always sparkle!

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