Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"more Beautiful and more Comfortable" ~the Missoni way

For the past several days, I've been enjoying a little but much needed getaway, but have unfortunately not been able to keep up with posts! So, hopefully this post will make up for what I've missed; I admit I've been saving it for just the right time--yes, it's that fabulous!

Hotel Missoni

An increasing number of fashion houses are extending their realm of design to include hotels. Among the limited number of designers to undertake such a task is Missoni, and I must say that if their hotels are of the calibur of their website, I'd hands-down choose to take my trip to design paradise at Hotel Missoni. I cannot emphasize the extent to which I was thoroughly enthralled--practically entranced--by their presentation (website) and how fully they draw you into their world--visually, through music, and by sharing their philosophy. I find it to be nothing short of inspiring.

Hotel Missoni Edinburgh

Of course, Hotel Missoni does not limit its luxury to interior design, but extends its excellence to every aspect of the experience--from waitstaff service and eats to Wi-Fi and Missoni bathrobes and slippers. Not only does Hotel Missoni far exceed traditional standards, the Hotel is eco-conscientious, leading the way for luxury of a new millenium. Both Missoni Hotels, in Edinburgh and Kuwait City, are in prime locations. Feel like staying in or a drink to start the evening? Each Hotel also has a chic cocktail lounge; sure to be a fashion-lover's playground!

Hotel Missoni Kuwait

While Missoni plans to open several Hotels around the world, the next Hotel Missoni is set to open in Turkey in 2013. Hotelier Middle East reports that Hotel Missoni Belek in Turkey will have its own adjacent golf course, retail shops, country club, sports club, and residential villas along with serving as a hotel.

What does is cost to stay at Hotel Missoni? Although prices are sure to vary, one site offers a 9-night stay at the Edinburgh location for about $3,500. One of the perks of an upgraded room is refills for the mini bar at no charge...paradise and heaven! For your own complimentary slice of heaven, visit Hotel Missoni and select The Experience.

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