Thursday, August 25, 2011

For the woman who has everything

Juicy Couture diamond J pull/necklace; $1,000

This little gem is the outcome of a collaboration between big-time fine jewelry designer Martin Katz and the crown jewel of casual luxury wear, Juicy Couture. Martin Katz has adorned countless celebrities with his exquisite gemstone creations and has worked with Victoria's Secret to add major bling to their bras and panties for the Victoria's Secret runway show, leaving him with a pretty impressive resume. This is top notch jewelry and craftsmanship!

The above diamond signature J charm comes with an 18 kt white gold necklace but is designed to be interchangeable with the "J" zipper pull on Juicy's infamous tracksuits, taking your Juicy tracksuit to a whole new level. Made of white gold and encrusted with 13 diamonds totaling .32 karats, this charm is sure to be made with the finest diamonds and give tons of sparkle--and we can never get enough sparkle! This extravagant piece is a limited edition--and with only 100 made, it is definitely limited.

So, is this item a bit excessive? Yes. Is it unnecessary? Completely. Is it covetable? Definitely. At the same time, a diamond necklace is, well, nothing short of a girl's best friend--you can take it (i.e. wear it) anywhere. This is the perfect piece for the woman who has everything--especially a Juicy collection!

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