Monday, August 1, 2011

Atypical tips: finger&nail jewelry

Bijules at 80's Purple, disco nail ring $170

80's Purple is a no-fail shopping stop, with designers ranging from Stussy to Dolce Vita and including other super stylish but not as well-known brands, such as Industry. The above look is a tad Gaga-esque, even for a fashionista, but this design from Bijules deserves recongition for its originality. Sold individually, this ring is for the top third of your finger and comes with a disco-silver nail attached. I wouldn't wear just one, and I definitely wouldn't wear ten. Despite my belief that this look should be reserved for stage performances and Halloween, I endorse taking advantage of the other 2/3 of your fingers to spice things up a bit with some atypical decoration. However, we're going for an original edge with taste, not weird and tacky. So limit the top 2/3 decoration to one finger, make sure it works with the rest of your look, and keep it quality!

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