Monday, August 15, 2011

3 piece roundup!

Here's a roundup of a few of my fave finds that flaunt of-the-moment style. They are sure to be good staples for your fall and winter wardrobe, making each a sound investment at under $250.00.

Kelsi Dagger at Victoria's Secret, two-toned leather heeled riding boots $249
Two-tone leather, straps, distressing, and the shape of the leather pieces on the shaft make this a standout boot that offers plenty of style for even the most demanding fashionista! This boot could go from being paired with jeans and a T for the movies to being paired with a sexy sweaterdress for a night out. With a hidden 5" heel, this riding boot offers a nice elongating effect that you don't get with many riding boots since most are flat. These boots will likely be durable and wear well--important for any wardrobe staple that's going to get a lot of use. VS has a promotion on now for $15 off/$100 spent, $30 off/$150 spent, or $75 off/$250 spent, etc with code FALL11. Although VS isn't offering it at this time, they usually have a promotion for free S&H with orders over $100, so this item might be eligible for that promotion when it comes back around.

Kate Spade, 18 kt gold & raw kunzite earrings $195

These studs are hand cut and hand set stones, ensuring each pair will have a uniquely irregular shape and finish. I love the feel of these earrings, especially the gemstones where you can see their natural layers and imperfections! Check out the other gemstones, including ruby (bright magenta), tourmaline, peridot, lapis (neon blue), emerald, amethyst, and aquamarine. Of course, if you want the rubies or emeralds, you're going to have to shell out $495/pair.

Asos, bright suede mini grab bag $60
Although this bag looks as if it would be limiting because of the colors, it would work well as an accent piece to many outfits you already have, making this an easy way to add bright jewel tones to your fall and winter wear. You have the flexibility of wearing this mini bag with the wristlet or detatching the wristlet and using it as a clutch, but I'm a fan of the wristlet! Take it easy on this little bag and treat the suede. Even though the suede has great texture, it won't wear as well as some other materials, so make sure you're careful when using it and store it properly (a pillow case works well if it doesn't come with a dust bag). Be sure to check out the other images of this mini bag at Asos and note the accordian detailing on the side of the bag with contrasting piping that adds even more interest and detail to this already knock-out bag. With an original shape, different jewel-tone color combo, and a very rich feel, this is the perfect accessory to rock with panache this fall!

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