Saturday, July 2, 2011

Twisted geometry jewelry

Twisted Silver, brass geometric inverted earrings $40.00
With an eye-catching design at a reported 4" long, these earrings definitely qualify as statement jewelry! I always struggle with finding a pair of earrings that are big, versatile, light, and don't look cheap. While these definitely hit most of my criteria, each earring weighs 0.25 oz. (if you're curious what 0.25 oz feels like, look in your lip gloss collection and you should find one that weights about 0.25 oz.). However, if you have earlobes of steal or don't mind earrings that might pull a little, this pair is a fun but classy solid go-to piece that won't discolor with time. Aside from offering unique and quality jewelry and belts (my other fave item is the two-toned flatiron bracelet - see pic below),  Twisted Silver has received much attention from fashion mags and celebs, has an outlet store with serious sales, and offers fabulous customer service. What more could one want?
Twisted Silver, flatiron bracelet $40

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