Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tom Ford in your makeup bag

With the price of lipstick at $48 and other cosmetics ranging into the hundreds, the designer behind the label better be the likes of Tom Ford, whom I know best for his large-but-light eyewear. (Who knew Tom Ford was a little sex-pot!? He's the model in the ad!)

Even if your're not going to shell out big bucks for this designer make-up (and if you are, more power to you!), it's definitely a noteworthy addition to the beauty and style scene. And with a strong focus on aesthetics and fashion, Tom Ford's make-up line serves as fab inspiration for ideas to use with more affordable cosmetics. As reported by, Tom Ford is a fan of strong colors and pays attention to emphasizing eyes and lips for a night out--something of which I am personally very fond. But be careful if you're piling on the color, you have to make extra sure you're using the right colors together and in the right places--this is not about looking like a clown or as if you're wearing a mask; the colors should artfully draw attention to your features, not stand out by themselves.

And where to buy this wallet-devouring beauty? It will first be available at Tom Ford and Bergdorf's as well as Saks and Neiman Marcus starting in September.

As a separate note, I'm noticing a slightly more oval-shaped nail in these shots. Sick of the squoval you've been sporting for the past 15 years? It might be time to try a slightly more elliptical shape...

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