Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Think of it as your picture frame...

 Pins and Needles at Urban Outfitters, nude lace slip $34

100% sheer, entirely demure, and completely sexy! This feminine chemise boasts a classic and vintage feel with a nude lace bodice while asserting its modern edge with sheer mesh from the waist down. Since this is polyester, I'd really like to see this in person before recommending it to feel how soft the lace is. That is my only cautionary statement.

When I try on and buy lingerie, I like to make the distinction between "lingerie that I wear" and "lingerie that wears me." What I mean by this is whether the lingerie emphasizes and accentuates me versus the lingerie that steals the scene and is the main focus and I come across more as a manequin. Obviously, the more daring and bold the piece, the more challenging it is to command attention and control over the look. Ideally, anything you wear should "work with you" and not overpower you. What I especially like about this nude lace slip is its soft and meek character, sure to put all the focus on you and not distract from what's really important--you!

Take a peek at Urban Outfitters Intimates department for other undies and sleepwear, including designs by The Lake and the Stars and Mary Green--two designers who are at the top of my list when it comes to lingerie.

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