Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Primal Sweetness

Primal Elements, Sugar Whip body exfoliant $20
This smells decadently delicious--as if someone had packaged cupcakes and icing in this 10 ounce container instead of a light and whipped body scrub with sugar exfoliants. The sugar crystals aren't large, but they aren't small either--they're just Goldilocks! Whether you want to wake up to something sweet every morning or go to bed after a luxurious shower, this whipped body scrub is sure to be a delight in your day. I've only smelled the Cupcake scent, but if cupcake isn't for you, Sugar Whip is available in many other scents: Ariel, Cirtus Melonmint, Flower Child, Gingerbread, Grapefruit, Mocha Latte, Pumpkin Spice, Sparkling Sugar, and Tahitian Vanilla. If you really want to stock up on this treat, 53 ounce tubs are available. Check out the other items at Primal Elements, particularly the bar soaps that have of fun designs and themes. One of my faves is the majesty soap, pictured below. And don't forget your friends; any of these would make a great little thinking-of-you gift! Happy sudsing!

Primal Elements, majesty soap $9

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