Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of the moment and looking ahead: Part II A

As promised, here is the second part of "Of the moment and looking ahead." I'm sure you already know about these trends, but it never hurts take a fresh look at styles, especially when considering how they can work with up-and-coming trends. Since there are so many to cover, I've split my selection; here are the first 15 of 30 trends that we're all chummy with and still love:

1. Riding boots and riding pants
2. Fringe

BB Bruno boots at Luisaviaroma

3. Plaid
4. Rocker/biker-chick look
5. Sheer sheer sheer!

Oops Lady blouse at Yes Style

Equipment blouse at ShopBop
6. Rose gold
7. Color-blocking
8. Raw cut stones
Mirabelle necklace at Fashion-Conscience-- Fair Trade! :)

Blydesign Nicole bracelet at Max and Chloe
9. Shooties
10. Suede
11. Patterns! (I'm really into aztec-inspired prints; spots are all over for fall!)

Audrey 3+1 at Edge of Urge

13. At-waist belts
14. Draped clothing

Friend of Mine jacket at My Catwalk

16. Hardware accents
15. Chambray

Motel romper at Nasty Gal

Top at Free People

Before I conclude, I'd like to note that just because I've posted a picture of an item, doesn't mean I like how it's styled. Before I go into how I would style some of the items differently, how would you style the items differently? What doesn't "mesh" for you? turn! I'm not a fan of how the first sheer top is styled; I think it's the proportion between the shirt and shorts that throws it off. I'd have to play around with it, but I'd likely wear the top out, and if I'm pairing it with a color, I'd be very selective with what color I choose depending on the look for which I'm going. Neither of the outfits shown have a look or elicit a feel, but I think the top has great potential! While I like both the top and the blazer shown in the pic from Edge of Urge, I would never put the two together; there's not enough unity for me. The chambray romper is super cute, and a wide belt or long necklace with a pendant would add a focal point--a nice touch, especially considering the simplicity of the neck.

So, there are the first 15, but don't be sad--there are 15 more on their way! And, after we're finished with the "Of the moment and looking ahead" series, I'll visit some more trends that are all the rage but leave me scratching my head and asking why.

Hope you're enjoying the trend coverage, and if you have ideas for how you would style the pieces, please share!  

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