Thursday, July 7, 2011

Liquid perfection

Liquid palisade by kiesque $22

With a couple of posts in the works dedicated to primping your paws, I'd like to wet your appetite for doting on your tips by covering a product that seems to be the perfect cheat for the perfect manicure and nailing nail designs. (I prefer to use the term nail designs instead of nail art since I associate nail art with cheap and tacky--and we don't want that!) Your ticket to clean cuticles and easy nail designs is Liquid palisade, a liquid that you paint on wherever you don't want nail polish. It dries, you paint your nails, you let them dry, and then you peel off the dried Liquid palisade...and ta-daa! Polish where you want it, no polish where you don't! This product not only seems great, it's been reviewed and recommended by Allure magazine. Another plus? S&H is free!

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