Sunday, July 3, 2011


Noir at Zappos, gold SUPERGIRL bracelet $80

Feeling powerful today? Able to handle anything that comes your way? Ready to take on the world? Then throw on this bracelet and show 'em who's in control. You're probably already familiar with Noir, popping up all over the place at top retailers, on style-indulgent celebs, and in fashion mags. This bracelet (costume jewelry) is only one of a couple dozen of Noir's pieces that I'd love to rock. Stating "I'M A SUPERGIRL," this bracelet declares your moxie and spirit to anyone who crosses your path. Note the  the diamond-shaped "S" detail is in contrasting silver; this piece is also available in silver with contrasting gold. Available for purchase at Zappos, Noir is also sold by other retailers, including two of my other favorite online destinations, ShopBop and karmaloop.

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