Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on Fire: A journey to The Lake & Stars

The Lake & Stars

A couple of weeks ago I started posting my personal hot lingerie picks and promised that the series would crescendo with a presentation by one of my favorite lingerie designers, The Lake & Stars. With styles that are fun, fresh, edgy, and have a hint of hipster, the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign  pursues the "Art of Communal Living" and offers a message much resembling the staples of Zen Buddhism philosophy (click on the picture titled Spring/Summer 2011 ad campain). Whether you want to wear lingerie by The Lake & Stars to open your mind to a new level of awareness, allow for balancing, find your energy, and encourage letting go or because you want to indulge in sexy statement lingerie with an inspiring design and unique color aesthetics, The Lake & Stars has you covered--but just in the right places ;) If you're interested in purchasing, here is a list of their retailers.

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