Monday, July 4, 2011

Haute in the shades

Alexander Wang at SSENSE, suede sunglasses $195

Considering I have never seen a pair of sunglasses that are suede, these shades are definitely noteworthy! SSENSE is showcasing this piece on its site's homepage, and I must say they styled them quite wonderfully, accented by porcelain skin and big blonde hair full of texture. So, how does this look translate to you, let alone the street and hot sticky summer days? I confess I have little to offer unless I were to have you and these artful frames in front of me. And another question, what does perspiration do to suede? Eeks! These shades get an A+ from me as far as ingenuity and design (these gray lenses are perfect for this color suede!), but I'm fearful of how they'd rate as far as practicality. Although honestly, when it comes to haute designers, what should we expect? This is why we love them: their originality, impracticality, and ability to transform ideas into 3-D wearable art. So, a thank you to Alexander Wang for furnishing a pair of shades in a medium I never would have though of, and for doing it quite well.

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