Monday, June 20, 2011

Mom and Dad always said to dream big...

The World: Residences at Sea
Luxury living in mansions is a thing of the past. A wait staff of three? Pfff! The lifestyle to live? The answer is nothing less than having The World at your fingertips. Falling asleep under the Mediterraneon sky? Exploring the rich flora and fauna of Zimbabwe before island hopping to the Australian outback and hanging with the kangaroos? Sailing the seven seas? Yes, please! At 644 ft, The World is the largest privately owned yacht, offering real estate that floats across the globe. Not only do the itineraries include exotic destinations, but the ship also brings aboard experts who provide relevant historical, culutral, and other unique and interesting info for each destination to fully capture and enrich the experience, allowing you to truly appreciate your current expedition. As if travelling while at home weren't enough (my own pillow AND A&S body scrub?! Getting out of bed and not wearing flip flops?! Heavenly!), The World boasts tennis courts, a putting green, yoga classes, cigar club, water sports, and cafes as well as fine and casual dining. Of course, there are also the bar and the pool, but what yacht doesn't have a bar and a pool? Please, go ahead and enjoy your tour of The World. And make sure you have a good 401 k!

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  1. I want my piece of The World some day! Ashley Vanessa, you have exquisite taste.....and that is an understatement 8)