Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoe SALE: Part I

If you wanna throw a couple of k's at shoes, now's the time! Net-A-Porter is having a HUGE sale right now on apparel, shoes, name it (except for lingerie; that would be too good to be true!). Obviously, a pair of shoes demanding $800 is still gonna be a pretty $400 at 50% off, but for those who can afford it--or are willing to go into debt for their obsession--these shoes definitely live up to their price tag (or at least the 50% off price tag). I hate to overwhelm you with so many pairs, but I just can't resist! These are some of my faves, but flirt with the sale and see what gorgeous creatures catch your eye ;) Without further ado, here are my picks:
Versace, cutout leather sandals

Ohhh, good ol' "Versase" (Showgirls). This is some show-stopping footwear! I'm digging the lines of this shoe created by the cutouts and accented by the silver discs--what fluidity, balance, and design! I really can't decide if I'd rather have these on my feet or as a center piece. Either way, these kicks are definitely runway worthy and worth their space in your closet...or on your dining room table. For an idea on how to wear these Versace-style, check out their catwalk appearance by clicking on the runway thumbnail after you click on the above link.

Jimmy Choo, embellished and detailed leather and snakeskin heels

What a phenomenal shoe! I'm particularly fond of the black and white woven detail near the back of the shoe. This shoe offers texture, variety, contrast, hardware, and a helluva design. Although I've posted the link to the Net-A-Porter site, check out the Jimmy Choo website for the same shoe for a couple hundred dollars less and to see this one-of-a-kind shoe in a crazy red, pink, and black color variation. The advantage to the Net-A-Porter site? For EVERY item on Net-A-Porter, the item is styled on a manequin with an entire outfit! Pretty sweet.

Emilio Pucci, leather and canvas lace-up sandals

Yes, this is Emilio Pucci, not sporting his signature geometric pattern. Aside from flaunting the military trend, I love the versatility of this neutral color while still being different from the traditional beige, white, etc. I'm also a fan of that great stacked heel, semi-covered platform, buckle detailing, lace-up ties, and use of canvas that just begs for a 2011 Troop Beverly Hills.

Miu Miu, two-tone patent ankle strap sandals
 I could definitely see Charlotte in SATC pairing these with an adorable sundress. Or pair them with a tennis skirt or jeans. These definitely could fit very nicely with a nautical ensemble. Either way, this is a sexy, classy, and feminine shoe, but not for the faint at heart.

Giuseppe Zanotti, back zip leather and metal plate heels
Really, I included these in my selection just because I picture them styled with a Herve Leger Signature Dress to compose a killer outfit ready to turn heads. All you'd need then is a red carpet!

Check back tomorrow for the follow-up post covering the rest of my picks from the Net-A-Porter sale!

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