Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shoe SALE: Part II

The time has come for the second half of my "coverage" of the Net-A-Porter shoe sale. Let's get started!

Jil Sander, two-tone leather brogues

These are definitely not my style, I don't know if I'd ever wear them, but I love them! Maybe they would be a nice decorating touch? If you can pull off a pair of brogues, I highly recommend it and have much respect. How to style these? Beyond me...possibly with a pair of Bermuda shorts? Regardless, brogues are making a round on the fashion scene, and these definitely deserve to be on the hit-list!

Alexander McQueen, stud-embellished python and leather shooties

I have a very special place in my heart for Alexander McQueen. His work was unlike any other fashion designer and truly creative as well as inspiring, from his fashion designs to their presentations on the catwalk. Right now, there is an exhibit at The Met, Savage Beauty (until August) featuring a collection of the designer's haute couture, inlcuding the outfit worn by Lady Gaga in her "Bad Romance" video. As far as these shoes, they kick ass.

Giuseppe Zanotti, black leather strap wooden platform heels

These are so versatile, I could wear them with my pajamas! Jeans, jeggings, skirts, dresses, khakis...I'd rock these with any of the above. And, despite the overhwelming platform, they do not strike me as hookerish like many of the uber-thick platforms do--it might be their perfect proportion and the thickness of the straps. Speaking of which, even though I have not tried on this pair of shoes, these straps look like they'd do a pretty good job of holding this shoe in place on your foot, very important considering that balancing yourself in these shoes will be a tad different from your typical heel. For me, this is a classic shoe that will reappear as the epitome of a trend in years to come.

Miu Miu, leather color block geo heels: not your grandma's oxfords

Wow. Where do I start? First, let me introduce this shoe's sibling, Miu Miu's, buckled 3-tone d'orsay at Bergdorf Goodman (also on sale--see below for a pic). The above pictured shoe is not on this list for its versatility, rather, they have made this list because of their originality; the modern spin; fab color combo; the continuity of shapes, textures, and a crazy color scheme; and their detail. I can't say I'm wild about the silver leather, but we'll give Miu Miu the benefit of the doubt and assume this part of the shoe really makes the whole thing work when it's on your foot. This is another pair I'd consider as a center piece. But, before deciding on this pair, let's take a look at some sibling rivalry...

Miu Miu, buckled 3-tone d'orsay at Bergdorf Goodman

This heel (also on sale) has some intense, drool-worthy detailing. Much more versatile and street-ready than its sibling, this pair also rocks some wild geometric patterns and the same fab color combo. Take a look at the detailing on the heel by looking at the alternative pix after you click on the link--you might just fall in love!

This is the conclusion of our Net-A-Porter Sale mini virtual shoe shopping spree. I hope you've enjoyed some of my picks! And, if that's enough for you--because, really, how could one ever be satiated with enough shoes--check out Bergdorf Goodman's Shoe Sale going on now, offering some of this season's hottest designer shoes at heavily discounted prices. Next, all you'll need is another closet!

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