Friday, June 3, 2011


 This coin purse just couldn't be cuter! With a fun, whimsical message that couldn't be truer, this little accessory is one I would surely enjoy using...and constantly remind me of what's important (because we all know that pair of heels you saw yesterday don't have to work too hard for some wanting). Not to mention its festive appeal, the leather, unlike the fake leather that is an increasingly ever-so-present material, along with the Rebecca Minkoff stamping on the unique zipper, offer some decent quality and a bit of luxury at $35.00. Also, measuring about 4" x 5", it's a nice size to throw a couple of folded up bills in and credit card/ID for in a flat clutch instead of a thick wallet or loose goodies. I think I may have just sold on myself on a purchase! Check out Yoox for other designers and fun pieces that aren't everywhere on the internet, too. And, just to be sure noone gets the wrong message here, money may not buy love, but just make sure your man knows it's good for shoes, flowers, and romantic getaways ;)

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