Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One smart necklace

Lanvin, braided multi chain necklace $1,110

How do I love thee?! Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Or need all I say is it's Lanvin-made, and stimulates my aesthetics like a wild winding tree. Excuse my poetry, I am definitely not Shakespeare as much as this necklace is aesthetic poetry. Maybe I am in love with this necklace because of my own need for perceptual stimulation, which this necklace offers without being too much or imbalanced, but "just right"--perfect, if I must say so. The working mixture of brass, silver, crystals, black acetate, coral acetate, and three different links is nothing short of genius. Normally, we can't buy genius, but, fortunately, Lanvin has made it possible--at 33% off, too! (Just imagine if you could buy genius and give it to people...there's a thought!) But, until we can purchase ideals or characteristics, Nordstrom's Sale, with markdowns up to over 50% off, is keeping me very content!

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