Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodie bag of what's to come!

Just to encourage developing a following of fashion and lifestyle starved blogees, I want to provide a preview of the some of the items I'm going to feature in upcoming posts. In my little goodie bag of surprises, I am going to have a list of fabulous sales going on now that will make u feel like a theif, a completely wearable version of the trendy cat-eye sunglasses, one of my favorite companies for fun little gifts that will have something for everyone, how to tie-dye your nails (yes!!!!), the mascara I swear by, the travel guides I'm dying to own (and use!), which fragrance you'll want to stock up on since it's already discontinued, and my two favorite totes of the moment! Don't worry, though, if none of that strikes your fancy, there will be other things popping up along the way, and I am very open to any suggestions!

Please, also, remember to check out the links under "Who doesn't love a good deal?" and don't worry about signing up for HauteLook, Gilt Groupe, Beyond the Rack, and ideeli. I subscribe to all of them and have ordered from HauteLook with no problems and a happy ending! And who doesn't like a happy ending? Besides rediculous savings on authentic designer items, read: Juicy Couture tracksuit for $100!, there are new items every day! As an affectionate worshiper of TJ Maxx and Marshall's (yes, I own their credit card, which earns me $10 coupons to use on their merchandise and can be used almost everywhere--but not at Neiman's), all of these links are online equivalents of my TJ Maxx and Marshall's temples. So if you are a fan of these stores, you will definitely adore these sites!

I hope you are loving everything so far and are feverishly looking forward to the upcoming featured topics! Thank you for taking a peek!

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