Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chill out

Fred Flare, gel-filled eye mask $5.00

Don't want to look like a vampire or zombie? Throw this supergirl mask in the fridge before use to ward off dark under-eye circles as well as puffiness. Or, dip it in hot water until warm for a more relaxing experience. Either way, add some cheeky fun to your beauty and R&R routine with this practical piece sure to add a smile and prepare you to look your best for whatever comes your way! Check out Fred Flare for other fun and unique items, from things you will probably have no desire to own but are sure to capture your attention (i.e. Bacon flavored toothpaste) to the occasional designer item from Disney Couture, Jeffrey Campbell, Deborah Lipman, Betseyville, and more.

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