Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Candy for your fingers

Honorine, gold-plated amethyst cocktail ring $153.00
This gumdrop-colored amethyst ring by Honorine is nestled in a simple but modern 22-karat gold-plated setting, showcasing the gem in all its glory. This open setting allows light to flow all around the ring, refracting off of the facets of its exquisite round cut. A timeless beauty that's ready for a trip to the mall or a black-tie affair, this ring is sure to get lots of well as lots of compliments! The Outnet has done it again, with this ring marked down to $153 from $510, truly a steal at 70% off. If purple isn't your color, and you'd rather opt for a green stone, this same style ring is available in green amethyst (aka prasiolite) for $105. Very sweet!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One smart necklace

Lanvin, braided multi chain necklace $1,110

How do I love thee?! Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Or need all I say is it's Lanvin-made, and stimulates my aesthetics like a wild winding tree. Excuse my poetry, I am definitely not Shakespeare as much as this necklace is aesthetic poetry. Maybe I am in love with this necklace because of my own need for perceptual stimulation, which this necklace offers without being too much or imbalanced, but "just right"--perfect, if I must say so. The working mixture of brass, silver, crystals, black acetate, coral acetate, and three different links is nothing short of genius. Normally, we can't buy genius, but, fortunately, Lanvin has made it possible--at 33% off, too! (Just imagine if you could buy genius and give it to people...there's a thought!) But, until we can purchase ideals or characteristics, Nordstrom's Sale, with markdowns up to over 50% off, is keeping me very content!

Who said you're too grown up for dolls?

Henri Bendel, Russian Nesting Dolls $73.50

I think these might be my next present to myself! At 7.5" high x 4" in diameter, these dolls will have way more fun on display doing their shopping than nesting in the mother "doll," the Henri Bendel store! But, really, who am I kidding, what wouldn't I give to live at 712 5th Avenue? With bold bright colors, strutting fashionistas, and the signature Bendel stripes, this is sure to add some chic life to wherever it's displayed! Peruse at Henri Bendel and enjoy their Brown & White Semi-Annual Sale.

I love polkabuds!

Polkabuds! How adorable!? I love Anthropologie for their unique and feminine designs; for me, Anthropologie elicits a feeling. Maybe its their fashion shoots that take place in ambient-rich exotic destinations, their bright yet earthy colors, or the patterns and textures that all combine for a fabulous sense. These cheek-peeking panties with dainty lace at the waist and a little bow in the middle, bright budding flowers that pop on a black background, and contrasting orange ruffle trim with little polka dots are definitely a must-have for the lingerie-obsessed!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Like a kid in a candy shop...when there's a NM SALE!

Sam Edelman, citrine snakeskin-embossed flats, about $60!!!

Neiman Marcus's Last Call online store is hosting an out-of-control sale, offering site-wide discounts of 20-50% off! Pinch yourself; you're not dreaming.

I am in adoration of these perforated bright yellow flats with scalloped edging and teeny stud detailing. And what's cooler? They are snakeskin embossed! Although the citrine is by far my favorite, this shoe also comes in blood orange and cork. If you wanna snag a pair of these, get 'em now 'cause the sizes are getting picked out fast!

Barbie martini glass: "Ken can only satisfy so many cravings" $10.00

Last, but not least, I must draw your attention to my other favorite item of this sale, the Barbie martini glass with Dylan's Candy Bar chocolates for about $10.00. What makes this martini glass so special? It speaks the truth, with text reminding us ladies that "Ken can only satisfy so many cravings." Get this glass for yourself, buy 6 for a set, or get a couple for your friends, and never forget that nothing compares to self-satisfaction!

(ALSO! Receive free shipping at any price from NM Last Call with code FS4JULY at checkout!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chill out

Fred Flare, gel-filled eye mask $5.00

Don't want to look like a vampire or zombie? Throw this supergirl mask in the fridge before use to ward off dark under-eye circles as well as puffiness. Or, dip it in hot water until warm for a more relaxing experience. Either way, add some cheeky fun to your beauty and R&R routine with this practical piece sure to add a smile and prepare you to look your best for whatever comes your way! Check out Fred Flare for other fun and unique items, from things you will probably have no desire to own but are sure to capture your attention (i.e. Bacon flavored toothpaste) to the occasional designer item from Disney Couture, Jeffrey Campbell, Deborah Lipman, Betseyville, and more.

Shoe SALE: Part II

The time has come for the second half of my "coverage" of the Net-A-Porter shoe sale. Let's get started!

Jil Sander, two-tone leather brogues

These are definitely not my style, I don't know if I'd ever wear them, but I love them! Maybe they would be a nice decorating touch? If you can pull off a pair of brogues, I highly recommend it and have much respect. How to style these? Beyond me...possibly with a pair of Bermuda shorts? Regardless, brogues are making a round on the fashion scene, and these definitely deserve to be on the hit-list!

Alexander McQueen, stud-embellished python and leather shooties

I have a very special place in my heart for Alexander McQueen. His work was unlike any other fashion designer and truly creative as well as inspiring, from his fashion designs to their presentations on the catwalk. Right now, there is an exhibit at The Met, Savage Beauty (until August) featuring a collection of the designer's haute couture, inlcuding the outfit worn by Lady Gaga in her "Bad Romance" video. As far as these shoes, they kick ass.

Giuseppe Zanotti, black leather strap wooden platform heels

These are so versatile, I could wear them with my pajamas! Jeans, jeggings, skirts, dresses, khakis...I'd rock these with any of the above. And, despite the overhwelming platform, they do not strike me as hookerish like many of the uber-thick platforms do--it might be their perfect proportion and the thickness of the straps. Speaking of which, even though I have not tried on this pair of shoes, these straps look like they'd do a pretty good job of holding this shoe in place on your foot, very important considering that balancing yourself in these shoes will be a tad different from your typical heel. For me, this is a classic shoe that will reappear as the epitome of a trend in years to come.

Miu Miu, leather color block geo heels: not your grandma's oxfords

Wow. Where do I start? First, let me introduce this shoe's sibling, Miu Miu's, buckled 3-tone d'orsay at Bergdorf Goodman (also on sale--see below for a pic). The above pictured shoe is not on this list for its versatility, rather, they have made this list because of their originality; the modern spin; fab color combo; the continuity of shapes, textures, and a crazy color scheme; and their detail. I can't say I'm wild about the silver leather, but we'll give Miu Miu the benefit of the doubt and assume this part of the shoe really makes the whole thing work when it's on your foot. This is another pair I'd consider as a center piece. But, before deciding on this pair, let's take a look at some sibling rivalry...

Miu Miu, buckled 3-tone d'orsay at Bergdorf Goodman

This heel (also on sale) has some intense, drool-worthy detailing. Much more versatile and street-ready than its sibling, this pair also rocks some wild geometric patterns and the same fab color combo. Take a look at the detailing on the heel by looking at the alternative pix after you click on the link--you might just fall in love!

This is the conclusion of our Net-A-Porter Sale mini virtual shoe shopping spree. I hope you've enjoyed some of my picks! And, if that's enough for you--because, really, how could one ever be satiated with enough shoes--check out Bergdorf Goodman's Shoe Sale going on now, offering some of this season's hottest designer shoes at heavily discounted prices. Next, all you'll need is another closet!

A little wild, with some frills

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Take a trip to the tropics for $3.50

Bath & Body Works has transformed a vacation to the tropics, pina colada included, into a luscious treat for your lips! At $3.50, (yes!!!) this gloss has an irrisistable scent, tastes as yummy as it smells, feels great on, and gives a nice clear shine. This gloss has earned its way into my mini cosmetic bag that I tote around with me wherever I go--an accomplishment earned by only a few. If pineapple isn't your cup of tea, or if you want to experiment, B&BW also offers this gloss in Coconut Passionfruit and Coconut Mango. Check out the rest of the Yellow Sale going on now at B&BW, and don't forget if you have the Victoria's Secret Angel credit card, you can use it at Bath & Body Works to earn points!

Shoe SALE: Part I

If you wanna throw a couple of k's at shoes, now's the time! Net-A-Porter is having a HUGE sale right now on apparel, shoes, name it (except for lingerie; that would be too good to be true!). Obviously, a pair of shoes demanding $800 is still gonna be a pretty $400 at 50% off, but for those who can afford it--or are willing to go into debt for their obsession--these shoes definitely live up to their price tag (or at least the 50% off price tag). I hate to overwhelm you with so many pairs, but I just can't resist! These are some of my faves, but flirt with the sale and see what gorgeous creatures catch your eye ;) Without further ado, here are my picks:
Versace, cutout leather sandals

Ohhh, good ol' "Versase" (Showgirls). This is some show-stopping footwear! I'm digging the lines of this shoe created by the cutouts and accented by the silver discs--what fluidity, balance, and design! I really can't decide if I'd rather have these on my feet or as a center piece. Either way, these kicks are definitely runway worthy and worth their space in your closet...or on your dining room table. For an idea on how to wear these Versace-style, check out their catwalk appearance by clicking on the runway thumbnail after you click on the above link.

Jimmy Choo, embellished and detailed leather and snakeskin heels

What a phenomenal shoe! I'm particularly fond of the black and white woven detail near the back of the shoe. This shoe offers texture, variety, contrast, hardware, and a helluva design. Although I've posted the link to the Net-A-Porter site, check out the Jimmy Choo website for the same shoe for a couple hundred dollars less and to see this one-of-a-kind shoe in a crazy red, pink, and black color variation. The advantage to the Net-A-Porter site? For EVERY item on Net-A-Porter, the item is styled on a manequin with an entire outfit! Pretty sweet.

Emilio Pucci, leather and canvas lace-up sandals

Yes, this is Emilio Pucci, not sporting his signature geometric pattern. Aside from flaunting the military trend, I love the versatility of this neutral color while still being different from the traditional beige, white, etc. I'm also a fan of that great stacked heel, semi-covered platform, buckle detailing, lace-up ties, and use of canvas that just begs for a 2011 Troop Beverly Hills.

Miu Miu, two-tone patent ankle strap sandals
 I could definitely see Charlotte in SATC pairing these with an adorable sundress. Or pair them with a tennis skirt or jeans. These definitely could fit very nicely with a nautical ensemble. Either way, this is a sexy, classy, and feminine shoe, but not for the faint at heart.

Giuseppe Zanotti, back zip leather and metal plate heels
Really, I included these in my selection just because I picture them styled with a Herve Leger Signature Dress to compose a killer outfit ready to turn heads. All you'd need then is a red carpet!

Check back tomorrow for the follow-up post covering the rest of my picks from the Net-A-Porter sale!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodie bag of what's to come!

Just to encourage developing a following of fashion and lifestyle starved blogees, I want to provide a preview of the some of the items I'm going to feature in upcoming posts. In my little goodie bag of surprises, I am going to have a list of fabulous sales going on now that will make u feel like a theif, a completely wearable version of the trendy cat-eye sunglasses, one of my favorite companies for fun little gifts that will have something for everyone, how to tie-dye your nails (yes!!!!), the mascara I swear by, the travel guides I'm dying to own (and use!), which fragrance you'll want to stock up on since it's already discontinued, and my two favorite totes of the moment! Don't worry, though, if none of that strikes your fancy, there will be other things popping up along the way, and I am very open to any suggestions!

Please, also, remember to check out the links under "Who doesn't love a good deal?" and don't worry about signing up for HauteLook, Gilt Groupe, Beyond the Rack, and ideeli. I subscribe to all of them and have ordered from HauteLook with no problems and a happy ending! And who doesn't like a happy ending? Besides rediculous savings on authentic designer items, read: Juicy Couture tracksuit for $100!, there are new items every day! As an affectionate worshiper of TJ Maxx and Marshall's (yes, I own their credit card, which earns me $10 coupons to use on their merchandise and can be used almost everywhere--but not at Neiman's), all of these links are online equivalents of my TJ Maxx and Marshall's temples. So if you are a fan of these stores, you will definitely adore these sites!

I hope you are loving everything so far and are feverishly looking forward to the upcoming featured topics! Thank you for taking a peek!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mom and Dad always said to dream big...

The World: Residences at Sea
Luxury living in mansions is a thing of the past. A wait staff of three? Pfff! The lifestyle to live? The answer is nothing less than having The World at your fingertips. Falling asleep under the Mediterraneon sky? Exploring the rich flora and fauna of Zimbabwe before island hopping to the Australian outback and hanging with the kangaroos? Sailing the seven seas? Yes, please! At 644 ft, The World is the largest privately owned yacht, offering real estate that floats across the globe. Not only do the itineraries include exotic destinations, but the ship also brings aboard experts who provide relevant historical, culutral, and other unique and interesting info for each destination to fully capture and enrich the experience, allowing you to truly appreciate your current expedition. As if travelling while at home weren't enough (my own pillow AND A&S body scrub?! Getting out of bed and not wearing flip flops?! Heavenly!), The World boasts tennis courts, a putting green, yoga classes, cigar club, water sports, and cafes as well as fine and casual dining. Of course, there are also the bar and the pool, but what yacht doesn't have a bar and a pool? Please, go ahead and enjoy your tour of The World. And make sure you have a good 401 k!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairy Nice!

Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity Shimmer Dust, $39 at Sephora

What makes Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity Shimmer Dust the best shimmer ever  is not only its micro sparkle that in no way resembles tacky glitter (okay, I'll admit glitter is fun even though it's tacky), but this product's scrumptious scent that smells like one could only imagine in a dream of sugar plum fairies--only it's real. The disappointing news is that you can't eat it. Aside from these factors, which make this an irrisistable buy for the "scentsory" oriented who like to glisten, the glass bottle and atomizer make this an adorable adornment for your dresser or vanity. At $39 a pop, this luminescent luster is also available in bronze or gold. For more fun and original items to top off your look and add an edge that screams glam, check out Tarina Tarantino's website...even the Wall Street Journal has taken note!

Hope for fall!

Tory Burch "Jude" pump at Bloomingdale's, $295
I can't believe that it's already time for fall lines! Since summer is my favorite time of year, I feel a certain anxiety when I start seeing things for fall in stores. Thanks to Tory Burch though for whisking away my cold-weather apprehension with some drool-worthy footwear to lift my spirits! Tory Burch's platform suede "Jude" pump comes in a rich camel/gold (New Cognac) or perfect navy/silver (Tory Navy).

This style seems versatile enough to go from day to night with ease. Even though this shoe boasts a classic silhouette; a recessed, covered platform; and the perfect round toe, needless to say, what makes me absolutely in love with this pair of shoes is the contrasting Tory "T" metal logo decorating the back of the suede covered heel. This is what one should expect from a pair of shoes that cost $295. Thank you Tory Burch!

Friday, June 3, 2011


 This coin purse just couldn't be cuter! With a fun, whimsical message that couldn't be truer, this little accessory is one I would surely enjoy using...and constantly remind me of what's important (because we all know that pair of heels you saw yesterday don't have to work too hard for some wanting). Not to mention its festive appeal, the leather, unlike the fake leather that is an increasingly ever-so-present material, along with the Rebecca Minkoff stamping on the unique zipper, offer some decent quality and a bit of luxury at $35.00. Also, measuring about 4" x 5", it's a nice size to throw a couple of folded up bills in and credit card/ID for in a flat clutch instead of a thick wallet or loose goodies. I think I may have just sold on myself on a purchase! Check out Yoox for other designers and fun pieces that aren't everywhere on the internet, too. And, just to be sure noone gets the wrong message here, money may not buy love, but just make sure your man knows it's good for shoes, flowers, and romantic getaways ;)

Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my first blog, Sugar and Spice and a Life that's Nice! I realize I spend way too much time exploring clothing, trends, vacation destinations, etc online to not share them with others, or have a nice, neat little compilation with commentary that I can at least enjoy for myself! My blog will feature fun finds, luxury items, travel destinations, my personal tastes, etc. And who may expand to other topics as well! I hope you enjoy :)